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Tutoring – Project Potential provides tutoring to help our students navigate college preparatory courses in high school and better prepare themselves for post-secondary education. We also provide tutoring to address gaps in education, which has been especially important in the aftermath of the pandemic. 

Study Skills Instruction – Throughout high school, Project Potential provides students with programs to help them develop the effective study skills (and habits) they will need to succeed in high school and in post-secondary education. 

Test Prep – Project Potential provides programs that prepare students for college entrance exams (ACT & SAT). 

Case Management – Throughout high school Project Potential provides students and their families with case management services to address issues related to food insecurity, homelessness, mental health challenges, medical conditions and more. 

Mentoring – During their senior year, Project Potential students receive mentoring from a college educated adult who can help them navigate the college application process and the enrollment process. 

Personal Growth Opportunities – Project Potential provides programs that help students explore and prepare for future career opportunities.  

College Visits – Throughout high school we expose students to a wide variety of college campuses throughout North Carolina to help them determine what type of post-secondary education is best for them. This includes visits to public and private colleges and universities, small and large campuses, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, community colleges and trade schools. 

College Application Support – Students receive assistance with and the submission of college applications.

Scholarship Assistance – Project Potential helps students identify and apply for scholarships and grants that will help reduce the cost of tuition and future debt. 

Essay Writing Support – Project Potential provides essay writing workshops and individual support to ensure students submit high quality college and scholarship applications. 

Financial Aid (FAFSA) Support – Project Potential helps students (and their families) complete financial aid applications and navigate financial aid award packages. 

Dorm Room Supplies – Project Potential helps students and their families with dorm room supplies. 

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